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our web design process

Our local Saskatoon team of creative and artistic web designers  work around the clock to ensure that your custom website design is unique, memorable, adaptable and easy to use for both you and your visitors !

1. Analysis

The right way to start a web development process is to conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and industry; this is exactly what we do during the analysis stage. Our Saskatoon web design experts will work with you to determine the requirements and priorities of your project from a technical, organizational, and creative perspective. Our goal is to determine as much as possible about your competitors, business core values as well as  short and long-term goals before moving on to the planning, design, development, and deployment stages.

The analysis helps us obtain a tight grasp of what your business wants to achieve with an online presence, where it has been, how it is currently doing, and where it wants to be in future. These elements will guide us in developing an effective and sustainable online presence for your business. 

3. design

Once the planning stage is done, our team immediately starts the creative process of crafting your visual representation. We put the skin and clothes on the plan, and just like a real person, we make sure they fit well, look good, and ensure that it is fashionable in the eyes of your potential customers.

Your site design is the interface that your clients will interact with and it’s the first impression they get of your business. We understand that you only get a few second to make a unique first-time impression. So, it would follow that a website designed to appeal to your leads is the right place to begin.

However, our team understands that great web design is not all about looks, it is also about smooth functionality.  We ensure that your site offers a rich user experience – because if it doesn’t, your visitors, who would otherwise contact you, will get frustrated and jump over to your competitor.
 We equally seek to build a functional, mobile optimized, and successful site that will attract leads and boost conversion. Our team works to make sure your site gives a rich user experience that leaves your visitors and buyers anxious to get in touch with you.

6. testing

Often overlooked, website testing is a key step in high-quality website completion. Testing the site for optimal accessibility in all major web browsers is a standard in our development process. We perform a plethora of tests to confirm that your site is error-free and 100% functional. 

Once website development is complete, our designers reviews, test, and test it again. It’s only after being 100% sure that everything is working as it is meant to, that we deliver the project to you. 
We also  encourage  our clients to conduct thier  testing of features  to ensure full satisfaction before going live.

We test all the technical features like codes, scripts, compatibility with major browsers. And we ask ourselves if the website actually fulfills its purpose? 

2. Planning

Throughout the project we will meet with you and discuss your site’s goals and aspirations. We will ask questions, and you will help us understand your priorities, your target market, and how to satisfy its needs. We will then focus on the features of a website that will help you achieve your goals, and select the right technology and tools to get the job done. We will discuss and come up with a plan that matches your budget, and goals.

From brainstorming to strategy, the planning stage sets grounds for all other the web design processes. With our unique ability to efficiently and effectively manage this step, everything else will just fall in place.

4. content

At the heart of every blazing website is great content. It is the reason leads visit your site and keep coming back. In fact, one of the main reasons you want to start a business is to share your content and generate leads. For your content to attract attention in the any marketplace, it needs to be useful, informative, and interesting to read. Above all, it needs to be ranked on the first page of Google. 

This is one area our team can really help. We can optimize your site for images, videos, and text, making sure your content gives that element that leaves visitors wanting to come back to your site. Moreover, we ensure that your content is search engine optimized. Put simply, we make sure that you are the business people find when they search your content on Google and all other major search engines. 

5. development

Built for today and tomorrow, our approach to web development combines form, function and future in one custom package. Once we have a plan and a design you really love, the next step is to turn it into reality. In this step, our experts practically create your site using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets along with databases and other technologies. It’s at this stage that, if required, we can ensure your site is mobile-friendly and responsive. 

At Saskatoon web design, the build process is creatively managed between our design team and development enthusiasts with a vast range of talents and skills. We have a reputation of meeting the most complex site development requirements, and building functional, responsive, robust, and scalable websites.  Our team develops all websites  to meet the utmost standard in optimal efficiency.

7. deployment

After testing and confirming that everything is working as it should, we present the client with their new site. Upon their  approval, our team of experts will launch the site, optimize if for all major search engines, and promote it. However, we understand that a successful launch is simply just a start. Our team will work with you to develop a content marketing strategy that attracts traffic, converts traffic into leads, then those leads into customers, and  these customers into ambassadors of your brand. 

At Saskatoon web design services, we are committed to making sure that our clients are happy with our final products. Further, we realize that development of your site is never over. For that reason, we give each of our clients a supportive training on top of being always available in case you need any sort of help.

After we launch your site, our job is most certainly not done yet. We will monitor what happening after the launch allowing us to fix any possible bugs and deficiencies.  And if you like, we can also manage the future updates and maintenance for you.  

Saskatoon Web Design


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