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The Gltiz and GLam Business Card

Your design is produced with a special one colour process more suited to simple and bold designs that can stand out against the sparkly background. Another unique aspect of our Sparkle cards is that this product is created as a 2-ply card. They can be sparkly both sides or with the 17pt 100% Recycled Smooth Uncoated white stock on the back. Paper backing gives you the freedom to print full colour CMYK on the back side. You can also combine the sparkle stock with many of our other unique stocks

The sparkle effect of the stock will not fall off the cards and will even show thru the printed areas. You also have the option to add Metallic Edging from our range of colourful options.

Nothing beats the glitz and glam of this exclusive Evolve Already product. With an uncoated texture that sparkles and shines in a silvery shade, Sparkle cards are sure to be the centre of attention. These dazzling cards will outshine any other business card. Perfect for anyone in the entertainment, jewellery, or beauty industry, we invite you to enhance the appeal of your business cards to match your own outstanding features.

sparkle cards


  • 33pt  thick exclusive card stock

  • No sparkles will fall off

  • Makes printed ink sparkle too

  • 12 exclusive metallic sparkle edge options

  • Combine our Glitz and Glamour stock with many of our other stocks in a 2 ply business card.

Saskatoon Business Cards


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