The ColorCore Lux Business Card

Featuring Mohawk Superfine

We combined award-winning, Mohawk Superfine paper with a proprietary Quadplex technology to make the ultimate custom business cards. At triple the thickness and weight of most ordinary cards,  ColorCore Luxe boasts a rich core of color within the layers of paper, and a stunning, tactile quality that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Affordable, tactile, and genuinely remarkable, we think ColourCore Luxe is truly the last word in making a first impression. 

Compared to most ordinary business cards, ColourCore Luxe are the gold standard of paper quality – at 32pt, everyone who receives one will experience a quality and weight like no other.

 ColourCore Luxe was designed to be the ultimate conversation starter. With that in mind, we invented a unique technology called Quadplex, so that ColourCore Luxe cards could look as spectacular as they feel.


  • Offset Print

  • 32pt Quadplex

  • Core of Colour

  • 8 Core options

  • Square or Rounded Corners

  • Try as square business cards

Saskatoon Business Cards



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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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