The Linen Business Card

Linen is a terrific choice for businesses that deal in textiles such as decorators, upholsterers, and clothing stores. Here the feel of the card reinforces the nature of the business. Selecting a textured cardstock such as linen for your business cards sends a message that your company is different.


Choosing linen business card stock adds something extra to your card that your customers and prospects will notice as soon as they touch it. Traditional or conservative businesses such as private practices or professional organizations usually have very simple and static card designs. In order to stand out from other black-type-on-white cardstock cards out there, these businesses can choose linen to add something extra to their cards without jeopardizing their straightforward and professional image.


  • 13pt

  • Eco-friendly, uncoated linen paper

  • Printed in full color

  • High definition offset printing with stochastic screening

  • Ultimate recycled business card.

Saskatoon Business Cards



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